Toyota Australia Recalls Pruis C Vehicles to Replace DC-DC Converter

Toyota Australia has today announced that it will initiate a safety recall on 49 Prius c vehicles produced between February 2018 and September 2018.

This recall is due to a manufacturing issue, which has the potential to stop the DC-DC converter from functioning correctly. The DC-DC converter reduces the voltage from the hybrid battery to a level that is appropriate to charge the auxiliary 12V battery. Due to a manufacturing issue, the auxiliary 12V battery may not receive power from the DC-DC converter. 

If this occurs, warning lights and messages will show on the combination meter. Audible warnings will also alert the driver to the issue. 

If the vehicle continues to be operated, it could lose motive power, increasing the risk of a collision particularly at higher speeds.

Toyota Australia will notify all affected vehicle owners of this recall by mail within the next few weeks. 

Toyota dealers will inspect the vehicle and, if necessary, replace the affected component (the DC-DC converter) with a new one free of charge. 

There have been no reported incidents or injuries in Australia caused by this condition.

For further information, please contact the Toyota Guest Experience Centre on 1800 869 682 (Monday - Friday 8.30am to 5.30pm AEST).

Q1: What is the condition?
A1: The subject vehicles are equipped with a DC/DC Converter which reduces high voltage from the main battery (144V) to charge the auxiliary 12V battery. At production of the DC/DC Converter, the circuit board soldering process at a specific transistor was found to be inadequate. Temperature cycling under normal operating conditions may cause the transistor solder to separate, causing the DC/DC converter to stop charging the 12V auxiliary battery. This condition will illuminate various warning lamps and display warning messages within the combination meter. 

If the vehicle is continuously operated in this condition and the auxiliary battery is discharged to a certain level, the hybrid system could shut down, resulting in loss of motive power. Loss of motive power while driving, particularly at higher speeds, could increase the risk of an accident.

Q2: Which and how many vehicles are involved in the Australian market?
A2: 49 vehicles are involved in this campaign in Australia. 

Model Name Model Code WMI VDS CD Frame No Range Production Period
PRIUS C NHP10 JTD KD3B3 # 01611405 - 01622565 6th February 2018 through to 7th September 2018

1) Although the involved vehicles are within the above VIN ranges, not all vehicles in these VIN ranges were sold in the Australian market. 
2) (#) indicates additional check digit (alpha or numeric).

Q3: What was the production period of the involved vehicles in Australia?
A3: The involved vehicles were produced between February 2018 and September 2018.

Q4: Are all vehicles in the production range affected?
A4: No, not all vehicles in the production range were equipped with one of the affected DC/DC converters. 

Q5: Are there any symptoms/warnings before the condition appears in a vehicle?
A5: No, there are no symptoms/warnings prior to the occurrence of this condition. If the condition occurs, a series of warning lights for the hybrid system will illuminate, audible chimes will sound, and warning messages relating to the hybrid system will appear in the combination meter. 

Q6: When the hybrid system shuts down, will the brakes and power assisted steering remain operational? 
A6: The vehicle will continue to run on momentum only. However, the brakes, power steering, and auxiliary systems such as turn signals will remain operational.

Q7: What is Toyota going to do?
A7: Toyota will contact owners of the involved vehicles directly to provide details of this campaign. Toyota dealers will inspect the vehicle, and if affected, the dealer will replace the affected DC-DC converter with a new one. This will be performed free of charge to the vehicle owner.

Q8: How long will the repair take?
A8: To inspect the DC/DC Converter will take approximately 30 minutes.

Should the DC/DC Converter require replacement, it will take approximately three hours. 

However, it may be necessary for the owner to make the vehicle available for a longer period of time depending upon the dealer's schedule.

Q9: Does this condition affect other Toyota/Lexus models?
A9: No other Toyota/Lexus models in the Australian market are involved in this campaign.

Q10: What if an owner has additional questions or concerns?
A10: Owners with additional questions or concerns are asked to please contact their local Toyota Dealer in the first instance or the Toyota Recall Campaign Helpline on 1800 987 366. Please quote your 17-digit Vehicle Identification Number (VIN).

Q11: Where can I find my VIN?
A11: VIN number location varies by model. For information on how to find the VIN position specific to your vehicle, please search "vehicle identification number" in the alphabetical index at the rear of your Owner's Manual.